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JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JCHX”) is a highly committed and professional mining company specializes in providing mine engineering, mine development and construction, contract mining, and research & development services in non-ferrous, ferrous and chemical industries, and an emerging star in mine investment arena.

JCHX is a listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange (main board) and has always focused on the development of non-coal underground solid minerals since its establishment. After years of growth, it has become a leading player in mine construction and operation sector both home and abroad, qualified with Grade A engineering and construction certificates. JCHX is one of the top mining service providers with strong expertise, core competitiveness, record-breaking performances, abundant working experiences, and footprints in worldwide flagship projects, enabling it to provide one-stop solutions for mining industry. Currently it operates at nearly 40 large-scale mines undertaking construction, production, and operation management services, including Pulang Copper Mine in China and Kamoa Copper Mine in DRC. Totally 44,415,800t of ore production and 4,492,700㎡ of excavation were completed last year. In terms of underground development, it maintains the dazzling、 records of sinking a shaft of 1526m deep. JCHX recruits a team of highly qualified engineers and high-caliber managers, with total number of employees of more than 15,000 globally.

Depending on its technical & management strengths, talents pool, and decades of experience in mine construction and production, it vigorously seeks opportunities in mine investment. By now, it has successfully invested in four assets, including Liangchahe Phosphate Mine in China, Dikulushi Copper Mine and Lonshi Copper Mine in DRC, and San Matias Copper & Gold & Silver Mine in Colombia.

JCHX has constantly enhanced its capability in terms of equipment and machinery in recent years, with a current possession of more than 3000 sets of advanced equipment. Meanwhile it develops equipment manufacturing business, the MPVs produced by Kingnor (JV between JCHX and Normet Oy) and mining machineries developed and produced independently by JCHX under the brand of KingAnt have been successfully launched to the market.

In the principle of win-win cooperation, JCHX looks forward to working hand in hand with mining companies across the globe to build and operate safe, green and intelligent mines with efficiency, and to contribute to the development of companies, employees, local communities and countries.








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